1) Admissions Interview

Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a time to speak with us in depth about our school so we can determine together if The Creative Circus looks like the best fit for you given your goals and interests.  We can offer you all the information you need on our programs, financial aid options, housing, career placement services, graduate careers and Atlanta city life. Interviews can be conducted in person (you gotta see this place!) or by phone if you’re not local. If you and your Admissions Representative agree that The Circus is where you belong, we’ll help you get started right away. If not, we might have some recommendations on other options for you.

2) Apply Online

Submit your application securely from our website.  A non-refundable $100 application fee is due at the time of application. 

Please submit 10-15 pieces that best represent your creativity. Your samples can include fine art, creative writing, music you’ve made, or photography. We would also like to see samples of work relevant to the program to which you are applying.  A 200 word minimum essay is required addressing the following question: What inspires you and how do you inspire others?

3) Transcripts

An official signed, sealed copy of your transcripts from the last school you attended is required. You may NOT attend classes here until we have this in your file.  Please contact your most recent institution immediately upon submitting your application to The Creative Circus and have them send your transcript directly to us.

4) Orientation

Orientation is held the week before the start of each quarter. This is when you get your schedule, student ID and handbook, and listen to the faculty explain what your new career may look like. Orientation is required for all new students. Plus, it’s fun. For specific dates, please consult the calendar of dates.

For more information or with questions regarding admissions, contact our Director of Admissions